Aphrodisiac female, product drug alternative for women and men
Best female aphrodisiac for sex improvement and pleasure enhancement
How to use these natural products safely and as alternatives to prescription PDE5 inhibitors
January 2 2017

Female aphrodisiac natural herbal dietary supplement that works
An aphrodisiac is any food, drug, herb or any kind of animal or plant material that increases sex enjoyment, arousal or sexual drive What is the best aphrodisiac for a woman that works? Certain aphrodisiac herbs and products include Passion Rx, a product called LJ100 which is a tongkat ali extract, Tribulus Extract herb, and Yohimbe Bark.

Natural products without dangerous hormones
If you ask your doctor about afemale aphrodisiac product, his or her first thought would be a hormone such as testosterone which is also found in a woman’s body but in a lesser concentration that in a man. Testosterone, and related hormones such as DHEA and pregneneolone do work as aphrodisiac hormones, but there are many natural aphrodisiac products, such as herbal teas, that also work. Many of the aphrodisiac herbs have a bitter taste and would not taste that good if made into a tea, but they could always be sweetened with stevia. We are not familiar with an oil used on the skin that has an aphrodisiac effect. However, fish oils could be considered an aphrodisiac oil when ingested but it takes several days for them to work.

Mucuna aphrodisiac herb with dopamine enhancement for women, alternative to drugs

Common aphrodisiac herbs sold over the counter
Q. What is the most common aphrodisiac herb?
A. There are many common aphrodisiac herbs. These are yohimbe, horny goat weed and tribulus terrestris extract.

Aphrodisiac plants from around the world

For sexual enhancement, see yohimbe article.

Butea as sexual enhancing herb
Other Asian aphrodisiacs include Tongkat Ali and cuscuta.
Potent Chinese aphrodisiacs: There are potent aphrodisiacs from all over the globe. Chinese medical doctors have discovered many over the past centuries. A powerful Chinese aphrodisiac is Horny Goat Weed. Another powerful Chinese aphrodisiac is cistanche.

Plants from the Middle East used for sexual pleasure
Zallouh pill is an herbal aphrodisiac popular in the country of Lebanon in the Middle East.

Herbal solution
Phytother Res. 2013. Androgenic and spermatogenic activity of alkylamide-rich ethanol solution extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum.

BMC Complement Altern Med. 2012. Effect of aqueous extract of Arctium lappa (burdock) roots on the sexual behavior of male rats.

Safed musli herb and extract
Q. Is safed musli herb an aphrodisiac?
A. Probably, see safed musli information.

Q. I am wondering if most aphrodisiac herbs such as horny goat weed, damiana, tribulus, aframomum, and others such as in Passion Rx, affect hormones. are any of them safe for women on birth control? i am certain many women are concern about this and need to know more, before being comfortable using these supplements.
A. As long as the dosages of the aphrodisiac herbs are kept low, they should be fine with birth control pills but ask your doctor to make sure you have no major medical issues that would prevent you from using aphrodisiac herbs.

Foods and fruits, berries
Q. Is there such a thing as an aphrodisiac fruit? I heard apricot is an aphrodisiac.
A. We would not consider a fruit to have an aphrodisiac quality. However, certain berries could have sexual enhancing properties. One such aphrodisiac fruit is goji. It may take a few days of consuming a goji berry to notice sexual improvement. We don’t think apricot would be considered an aphrodisiac.

For women, a female aphrodisiac
Q. What is a good women’s aphrodisiac?

A. Most of the herbs that work for men also work in women. A good aphrodisiac product for women is Passion Rx, but there are many effective ones on the market and a gentle one is avena sativa.

Poppers, dangers, immune system, lung tissue damage
Q, What are aphrodisiac poppers? Are they safe?

A. Certain nitrates sold in sex shops may be considered aphrodisiac poppers but their effects only last a few minutes and if used regularly they cause damage to lung tissue and the immune system.

Prescription ED medications
Q. Is Viagra a good aphrodisiac drug? What about Levitra?
A. Viagra and Levitra improve erectile engorgement and erection but we would consider them to be a partial aphrodisiac drugs since they do not have much of an effect on sensation of genital organs and libido.

Supplements that are anti-aphrodisiac
Q. Are there any supplements that dampen sexuality and dampen the effects of aphrodisiac herbs?
A. Yes, 5-HTP can counter the effects of aphrodisiac herbs, so does Kava and in some people pot or marijuana.

Q. Is there such a thing as an anti aphrodisiac?
A. Certain supplements have a negative effect on sexuality and thus could be considered an anti aphrodisiac. For one, 5-HTP since it converts into serotonin.

Polyrachis vicinia black mountain ant
Q. I recently I happened to visit some web sites advertising libido enhancing pill that contains polyrachis vicinia. It turned out that the ingredient is actually a black mountain ant. Do you have any idea or knowledge on the effect of this substance on health and/or libido? Is it an aphrodisiac substance?
A. We have not come across polyrachis vicinia or black mountain ant research in terms of aphrodisiac benefit.

Adverse reactions to high dose aphrodisiac formula products, Provigro
Q. I’ve been using an aphrodisiac product called Provigro for the past three weeks. Each capsule contains Maca, Panax Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Barrenwort, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, Saw Palmetto, Velvet Bean extract. I’ve been using this product for 3 weeks now . I’ve noticed a difference in my mood: Much more aggressive, irritated, depressed, mood swings, restless, little bit paranoid, huge energy spikes! I’m scared of further usage of this Provigro product, I’m scared that this side-effects will get worse. Which aphrodisiac herb is the culprit for this awkward feeling? Is my hormones out of balance now? Can I continue to use this product, will it get better? Will Maca Root be able to restore my hormones to normal balance and will this result in me feeling better again?
A. Aphrodisiac herbs or formulas should not be used daily, but rather every other day or 2 days on, one or more days off. Many of the herbs in Provigro, in combination or separately, can cause the overstimulation feelings you are experiencing. If you take a much lower amount perhaps this will provide benefits without the adverse reactions.

Gentle female aphrodisiacs
Q. Regarding the herbs recommended for better sex. I was wondering which ones are the best to start with, in case that you are female, cannot tolerate extra alertness because of trouble sleeping, and know the problem is not due to a shortage of testosterone. Reading all the information, i come to the conclusion that ashwaganda or maybe also a low dose of damiana would be the best choice.
A. Ashwaganda and damiana are gentle sex herbs to begin with that may lead to better sex but they are not as potent and may take a few days or a week or two to start working. Avena sativa extract is another good choice.

Vegetable extracts
Does asparagus extract have aphrodisiac properties?
We have not seen human trials with asparagus extract in terms of sexual enhancement.