Mind Power Rx review information benefit and side effects
November 25 2016

Mind Power Rx helps improve mental alertness and wakefulness along with boosting mental stamina. Many people notice being more focused and able to concentrate better.

How fast does it work?
The increased alertness is noticed within hours.

How does it work?
The dozen or more herbs and nutrients found in Mind Power Rx support neurotransmitter function, improve blood flow to the brain, support enzymatic and metabolic function in nerve cells, and act as neuronal antioxidants.

Mind Power Rx with several potent mind enhancing nutrients including acetylcarnitine, is formulated by Dr. Sahelian, bestselling author of Mind Boosters (also published as Mind Boosting Secrets), to provide steady mental sharpness and focus all day long. Enhance:

Memory and Mood
Mental clarity
Alertness and Focus

Buy Mind Power Rx or see the list of ingredients and the amounts. Mind Power Rx is trademarked by Physician Formulas.

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Mind Power Rx side effects, safety
Q. I am a healthy 23 year old male. I have taken Mind Power Rx before on a 4-on, 3-off weekly regimen until I finished the bottle. I did notice better concentration, focus, and recall while on it and not until 1 or 2 months later did I start to notice the absence of (more than normal) mental acuity. However, one Mind Power Rx side effect that occurred toward the end of my usage was headache. I could take as many as days off as I’d like and as soon as I took it again, I’d get a headache. I also try to avoid any sort of ‘mood booster’ so I am curious if you could direct me toward the safest (as far as long-term) and most effective of the ingredients in mind power for concentration and recall.
A. You may consider individual nutrients or herbs such as acetyl l carnitine or bacopa or ginkgo biloba. You may also consider using the Mind Power Rx less frequently after taking a full month off. Perhaps the headache may not return after a longer absence and using the product less frequently.

Q. Yesterday I took two capsules of Mind Power Rx (one in the morning and the second one at lunch). I had a side effect in my blood flow. My veins popped up a lot all over my body without coming down to a normal level, I got a headache all day and I’m worried, because I don’t think this is normal. I wonder if this a temporary effect. I also had an increase on my heart beat, which I usually get from herbs and stimulants such as ginseng. Is there anyway to minimize the effect and will it still be beneficial? Is this dangerous.
A. You may consider taking one capsule with breakfast. This should provide you with better focus, think clearer and help you become more alert without getting the side effects. Some people are more sensitive to brain nutrients and herbs than others.

I purchased Mind power Rx not long ago. I have been taking one capsule 5 days a week. I abstain on the weekends. I tend to get drowsy from the capsule. I am 25 years old with no history of any mental disorder. I use the formula for studying. However, the drowsiness is sometimes detracting from my studying. I know that increased Achetylcholine concentrations in the brain are supposed to make a person more alert. Moreover, I realise that many of the compounds in Mind power Rx have an effect of enhancing Ach concentration. From what I have read, most people are indeed stimulated from the increase in Ach. So why then do I suffer this paradoxical effect? Could too much Ach actually result in drowsiness? Should I open the capsule and perhaps take 1/2? Or, alternatively, am I simply not taking enough? Although it is indicated to take 1-2 capsules on the bottle, should I take 3?
A. It may be a good idea to take a break for 3 days and resume with half a capsule the first day in the morning and increase to 1 a day, but no more. Most people do feel more alert taking this supplement, but sometimes taking too much of it daily may cause unexpected results. It may be a good idea to limit it to 4 capsules a week.

I suggested to my roommate to take Mind Power Rx. She seems to get headaches as a side-effect (she also got the same from Prozac) she took just one capsule – with food and tried several times. What part of the formulation might be causing the headaches?
It is the combination, and the best thing to do is to begin with a third of a capsule with breakfast, the capsules can be opened by pulling on each side and emptying the contents in water or juice.

I’ve recently purchased Mind Power Rx and have been taking 1 capsule AM, on empty stomach, for 5 consecutive days. Since the second day I’ve been feeling exhausted. I’m wondering if the Mind Power Rx formula has anything that could be causing lower blood pressure. My blood pressure is normal but tends to go borderline low in hot weather. Could this brain formula be causing further decrease in blood pressure?
We doubt it would lower blood pressure. One option is to take after breakfast, and we also suggest taking it every other day rather than daily. This is not a common feedback we have had, regarding feeling exhausted.

Q. I purchased Mind Power Rx for my son, who has brain injury causing memory loss and anxiety due to hypoglycemic episodes related to Type I Diabetes as an infant. I am not asking for a response specific to my son, but I did want to let you know, after only a couple of weeks of using Mind Power Rx ( and we started with a low one capsule dose, then worked up to three a day) my son started complaining of headaches and especially eye pain (dry, scratchy feeling) There were not other changes in his supplements (he is on the highest quality multi antioxidant mineral supplement, along with highest quality fish oil) and the pain and eye irritation went away when we stopped taking Mind Power Rx. I was wondering if anyone else had this effect.
A. Most adults only need one capsule of Mind Power Rx a few days a week. This natural mental enhancing product was not meant for children. Three capsules a day is a very, very, large dose. Plus, the combination with the multivitamin could be way too much. The dosages need to be reduced significantly.

Use with SSRI antidepressant drugs, interactions
Q. I want to buy the Mind Power Rx product but I don’t know if is safe to take it with and antidepressant drugs. am currently taking Prozac for depression. Is it okay to take Mind power Rx with antidepressant drugs?
A. We prefer individuals not to mix herbs and nutrients that have an influence on the mind along with pharmaceutical drugs since unexpected reactions can occur especially in high dosages. However, if your doctor approves, you can start with half a capsule of Mind Power Rx a few minutes before breakfast for a few days and see how this low dose affects you and they you can talk with your doctor on further changes. The Mind Power Rx capsule can be easily opened by pulling on each side of the capsule and emptying the contents in water or juice. You can then close the capsule and use it another day.

Use with other formulas and dietary supplements
Q. I am interested in purchasing Mind Power and Passion Rx products and I would like to know if I can take them at the same time, and how often and how long can I take these products during my lifetime. I am a male in my early thirties, athletic and very healthy. Currently I am taking Ginkgo Biloba by Radiance on a daily basis.
A. Both Passion Rx and Mind Power Rx are potent products and we don’t suggest using them the same day. Mind Power Rx can be taken 3 or 4 days a week while Passion Rx can be taken 2 or 3 days a week at half a capsule or so depending on how sensitive you are to herbs. It’s a good idea to take a few days off each month from both and this way they can be taken for a long time as long as your doctor approves.

 Is is safe to take this supplement with other supplements such as Centrum?
   We do not see the need to take it along with a multivitamin. Since this brain booster is only used 2 or 3 days a week, the multivitamin, Centrum, can be taken on the other days.

Parkinson’s disease
Q. Will Mind Power Rx supplement aid a person with Parkinson’s disease ? Is there a special formula that may help control the symptoms of Parkinson disease ?
A. There have not been any studies with Mind Power Rx in regards to Parkinson’s disease. You may ask your doctor to read the research on this page in regards to Parkinson’s disease option with natural supplements.

Q. I am considering using Mind Power Rx for my wife who has Parkinson’s disease. She is taking Sinemet for her condition (L-dopa). He is also hypertensive, but is well controlled mostly by the L-Dopa. Her physician would not know much to help her on this.
A. It is difficult for us to make any definitive recommendations since each person has a unique response to herbs and herbal combinations. If her doctor approves, she can start with half a capsule a day (the capsules can be easily opened by pulling the capsule from each end, and the contents mixed with water or juice). If all goes well for two days, then she can increase the dosage to one capsule with breakfast or lunch. We suggest taking one or two days off a week.

Addiction and dependence
Q. I have been having some thinking and memory problems due to extensive stress. This has been going on for almost a year now and I am hoping that this supplement will help me solve this problem. I was wondering if this supplement has any chance of addiction or dependencies?
A. We have not had any reports of Mind Power Rx having any addictive or dependency issues.

Dopamine, brain chemical levels
Q. Do you have any studies or feedback on Mind Power Rx increasing brain levels of dopamine levels?
A. Certain nutrients and herbs in Mind Power Rx have been shown to increase dopamine levels by themselves, but we do not have clinical studies with this product to see what effect it has on dopamine or other neurotransmitter levels.

Q. I purchased Mind Power Rx and choline supplement for my niece. She was having trouble finishing sentences and keeping focused . After taking and switching between each one every day, she can now do crossword puzzles again.

Q. I am a psychologist and often recommend Mind Power Rx to my clients and close friends. I have been hearing great feedback from my friends and clients who are using Mind Power Rx, which in my opinion provides for all aspects of mind boosting whether it’s serotonin, dopamine or acetylcholine related. I use it myself as well with great zest and confidence!.

Interactions with dietary supplements
Q. I am currently thinking of purchasing two products that you offer – mind power rx and serrapeptase. I would like to know if any of the supplements in the brain formula can have a negative effect on me if combined with the serrapeptase.
A. We suggest learning about each product by itself. One way is to take one product for week and see how that works, and then stop it and use the other one for a week. This way you can better tell how they are influencing you, and if you plan to combine, do so with medical approval, and initially use half a pill of each.

Q. Can I take Passion Rx, Mind Power Rx, and Eyesight Rx concurrently or in alternating fashion?
A. We prefer they be used on alternating days with at least one day off a week from all supplements.

Q. Does Mind Power Rx come in veggie capsules? Where can I obtain it in Singapore?
A. It comes in gelatin capsules but not in a vegetarian capsule. Users have the option to pull on each side of the capsule and empty the contents in juice. Physician Formulas can ship the product to Singapore but there are no stores that we are aware of in Singapore.

Q. i am looking for a caffeine alternative to help with energy during the day and for better mental clarity while studying. I don’t want anything that will make me have foggy thinking.
A. Mind Power Rx is great for mental clarity, focus and alertness. MultiVit Rx is great for overall physical and mental energy and vitality. Most people prefer these combination formulas to the single herbs.

Q. Curious if i can take this while i’m pregnant?
A. We have not tested Mind Power Rx in women who are pregnant, so we can’t say for sure whether it would be safe or not. As with any herb or medicine, your doctor would make the final decision.

Q. I have a general question on any possible problems taking Mind Power Rx with Plavix. The Plavix was prescribed for my father, an 82 year old who had an angioplasty and a stent procedure performed on 8/16/07.
A. There are thousands of prescription medications and it is impossible to know for certain how each one reacts with the countless supplements and formulas available over the counter. As a general rule, a safe way to begin is to take half a capsule of Mind Power Rx the first day with breakfast, and a full one the next day with breakfast if no side effects have occurred. We suggest your father have approval by his doctor.

Q. Can you  tell me how Mind Power RX compares with its direct competitor Brain Lightning. They seem very similar but Brain Lightning has huperzine and is not choline based. Which one is “better” and why ?
A. We have not tried Brain Lightning so we don’t know anything about its effects. The way to find out which one is appropriate for you is to try each one separately and decide which of the two products, and in what dosage and frequency, works best for you. There may be some people who prefer Brain LIghtning or another mind enhancer, whereas others prefer Mind Power Rx.

Q. Is there any risk of taking a Mind Power Rx supplement for someone in their 20s? Risk of cancer? risk of early onset of dementia or cognitive decline?
A. We have no reason to believe that taking Mind Power Rx would lead any significant problems. The nutrients and herbs in Mind Power Rx have various health benefits, including being potent antioxidants. We suggest taking a full month off after finishing a bottle and using the pills no more than 4 or 5 days a week. We are consistent in our message regarding almost all supplements in terms of taking breaks from use.

Q. Is there any potential interaction of the ingredients in Mind Power RX and also taking St. John’s wort or SAM-E supplements? Or what products would you recommend for a 22 yr. old male with symptoms of anxiety, depression and ADD.
A. Mind Power Rx, St. John’s wort and SAM-e are all potent supplements and we suggest only using one each day and not taking them together. We cannot give individual advice but suggest you read about each one and consult with your health care provider.

Q. I am considering purchasing Mind Power Rx and am wondering, does it only work while taking it? In other words, if I quit taking after, say 6mos, will the effects continue to work or will my mental performance or memory be back to what it used to be?
A. As a general rule, with most pills used for mental enhancement, whether supplements or medications, the effects last only during the time period while taking them.

Q. I am 44 years old and my memory is awful. I forget everything and I can not keep information long enough. I talked to my doctor and he gave me Adderal to help on concentration. I stopped taking Adderal about 2 weeks ago because it keeps me going and when the effect runs out makes me very sleepy. Can I take Mind Power RX with Panax Ginseng (400mg) at the same time? Or there is no need to take both? Or would I have more memory improvement if I take Mind Power Rx with a high dosage of Ginkgo Biloba?
A. Before combining supplements, it is best to learn how each one works by itself. Mind Power Rx is potent and there is no need to take it the same day with ginkgo biloba or ginseng. These herbs can be taken separately on the days when Mind Power Rx is not being used. We don’t think drugs such as Adderall are the best option for long term mental focus and memory enhancement.
Q. I agree with your opinion on Adderall. I did not notice any difference on my mental focus or memory at all.

Q. i was interested in buying the Mind Power Rx, because i have hard times focusing. I was wondering do the mind power rx has the same effect as Adderal?
A. Mind Power Rx helps improve focus, attention, alertness and concentration and does so with natural herbs and nutrients. Each person has a different reaction to herbal supplements and medications, therefore it is not possible for us to know how similar or differently any one person would react to Mind Power Rx versus Adderall.

Q. I have been taking mind power Rx for about a year now and find it good to focus during to day at work and notice it gives me a uplifting feeling, however I noticed a few of the ingredients in the formula are used as antidepressants, would I be right in assuming this ?
Choline Bitartrate 25 mg
DMAE 25 mg
Vinpocetine 500 mcg
Trimethylglycine TMG 25 mg
I am concerned that I will become reliant on these pills to make me feel good and uplifted. Could you advise what I should do. I have also starting taking Passion RX which also some of the same ingredients, I also noticed you say don’t take antidepressants on the same day as Passion RX is there any reason for this, even though I’m not on any antidepressants.
A. It is a good idea to have at least a day or two a week without taking supplements to prevent tolerance or excess exposure. This applies to most supplements including Mind Power Rx and Passion Rx. Passion Rx is very potent and influences brain chemistry, so does Mind Power Rx, and we don’t know what interactions there would be if taken with SSRI or other types of antidepressants. We don’t suggest taking Mind Power Rx and Passion Rx the same day.

I notice that Mind Power has a lot of the same ingredients as the Briteage product. How do you think they compare in effectiveness?
We are not familiar with Briteage product.

I understand that Dr. Sahelian can not prescribe any of his supplements but I wonder if either he can offer some clarification that would help me. I was diagnosed with Hypersomnia (excessive day time sleepiness – hard to wake up in the morning, don’t feel rested no matter how many hours of sleep that I have)) as opposed to full-blown narcolepsy. I am going to try the Mind Power Rx as I see that it is mentioned as a more healthy alternative to “Nuvigil.” The doctor who authorized my sleep study prescribed the Nuvigil. After having worked in the addictions field for many years, I am highly reluctant to take the Nuvigil because I think that the jury is still out re long term potential for dependence. Plus, I don’t like the idea of feeling “wired.” I was wondering about taking the Good Night Rx in the evening and then taking the Mind Power Rx I the day time. I have seen where Dr. Sahelian has commented on the use of his various supplements from the standpoint of their intended use. So, hopefully this is a “safe or acceptable” question. Can Mind Power Rx be taken in the day time for the purpose of providing alertness during the day and can Good Night Rx be used to increase the chance of having more restful sleep during the night? I am hoping that if I can have more normal REM sleep at night that my body clock will work better and I will be able to function better overall especially with the Mind power Rx. The only time that I feel a restorative sleep is when I have an acupuncture treatment. I apologize for this long email but hopefully, my questions re these 2 products will be considered to be of general interest as I am sure there are others who may have wondered about taking the 2 products as I have mentioned.
It is difficult to predict in any one individual what kind of response would occur to the use of certain supplements. If your doctor approves you can try a capsule of Mind Power Rx in the morning a few times a week. Good Night Rx should not be used more than 3 nights a week and it works best taken 2 to 4 hours before bed on an empty stomach followed half an hour or an hour later by a meal consisting of carbohydrates.

I think the mind power supplement would benefit my 10 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with dyslexia and anxiety, trouble is I don’t see a liquid form or anything about dosage for children.
No liquid form is available. There is no feedback yet regarding the use of these brain pills for dyslexia treatment.

Regarding Passion Rx, is there a possibility that it may work even better when adding Mind Power Rx. Have your customers had better response on libido when taking both together rather than taking just passion rx alone ? If I decide to combine both can i take 1/3rd of the libido formula and 1/3rd of mind formula together on the same day .
A. Some people have reported that the combination helps together, and they alternate taking the libido formula one day and the mind formula the next day and some report low doses of each the same day works well, too. We cannot be specific on dosages since each person responds differently.

Can u please tell me if I can take the multi vitamins rx cause i am already taking the mind power rx and the eye rx and i am going to try the sleep rx as well.
We suggest using these products on separate days since taking all three together can cause too much stimulation.

Do hormones have anything to do with your hearing? I’ve just recently ordered MindPower Rx and Ashwaganda hoping they might clear up the foggy thinking and I plan on using one of them every other day. What do you think? I chose the Ashwaganda for adrenal help which I think I might need…….I hope someday I’ll see some research on your site about hearing loss – that’s another reason I bought the MindPower – it has vinpocetine in it and I’ve read that it helps with your hearing.
We have not studied the connection between this product and its effect on hearing.

Is Mindpower Rx helpful for those that suffer from depression and slight anxiety or is the 5 HTP product a better option?
It’s difficult to predict in any one person, but 5-HTP is a reasonable choice to try first.

Does  mindpower supplement contain any caffeine or caffeine like stimulants?
Does not contain caffeine, but some natural supplements do enhance alertness and provide mental energy but not in a way that caffeine does.

Addiction or habituation
Is there any possibility that these pills might become addictive?
These pills have been sold since 2004 and no one has mentioned this problem has occurred to them.

I am 59 and my husband is 63. In addition to our supplements:* Capsules of flax/fish oil (omegas),* calcium,* vit d,* B 50 complex,* Green Tea Extract w/EGCG (100 mil every other day),* Simvastatin one daily: (20 mil for me, 40 for my husband),* daily dose of Metamucil to bring down cholesterol in both of us (is working, because my husband had been on 80mil of Simvastatin!!)* 88 mil of Levothyroxine (for me),* Prostate Support by Andrew Lessman (my husband) Can Mind Power RX be taken as well? I read about the effects of statins on long and short term memory (see it in us) and read about Mind Power RX. Could this be taken every other day instead of 5 days straight and two off? Also, is it ok to take if you have the beginning of CLL? I read about the benefits of EGCG and the recommendation by Dr. Ray to take one 100 mil tablet every other day instead of 200 daily as some have suggested, so do that with the approval of the doctor.
we appreciate your questions, and they are very good, but these are best reserved for your personal health care provider since we are not in a position to do a complete medical history, review of testes and medical exam to make sure our advice would be appropriate. Mind Power Rx can be taken every other day and it is often best when introducing a new supplement to take it infrequently at first just to make sure it does not interfere with other meds and supplements.

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Good Night Rx for better sleep