Sex pills supplement that work – benefit and side effects, natural libido boosters
November 11 2016

Best sex pills that work
Anyone who wishes to enhance their sexual performance or enjoyment has many options to choose from. There are pharmaceutical sex pills and natural, herbal sex pills. Sex pills can also be called aphrodisiacs. Although many people are skeptical that natural sex pills work, they do have a significant effect on sexual enjoyment, sensation, stamina, and erectile function. As medical science has given us a greater understanding of human sexuality and our own chemical processes that put us in the mood, research has uncovered how some well-known and not so well-known sex pills actually work with our body chemistry to lead to arousal and excitement, and the treatment of Impotence.

Sex pills supplement herbs that work
Various substances of animal and plant origin have now been identified, allowing for testing and scientific understanding of their chemical composition and mechanisms of action. There are several herbs that could help sexual health, these include Tongkat Ali, muira puama and catuaba. Aphrodisiacs are an alternative to drugs for erectile dysfunction. Tribulus terrestris extract is sold in vitamin stores and is a popular sex pill herb.

Testosterone effects with sex pills, prostate cancer
Q. I would like to know if there is any sex pill supplement that doesn’t enhance testosterone levels for men with prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction or lack of libido problems.
A. Not enough human studies with these natural sex pills have been done to find out their effect on testosterone levels. You may consider a blend such as Prostate Power Rx which many people with erection problems like. Also consider Passion Rx with Yohimbe. These are used only 2 or 3 days a week and should not have much of an influence on hormone levels since they are not used every day.

Sex pill side effects, adverse reactions
Q. I recently purchased a bottle of a natural sexual enhancing formula with yohimbe and took one tablet, I’m a 57 man year in average health, I became very sweaty and my blood pressure went high, I felt uncomfortable. I would like something with minimal side effects.
A. Every effective sexual enhancer has some side effect, including of course Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. One can either try to tolerate the side effects of herbal sexual enhancers or take a lower dosage, half a capsule, but the effects will not be as strong. It is not easy to enhance sexuality with pills and not have such reactions but taking lower dosages and being patient over several days could be of benefit.

Sex pill, with or without meals or food
Q. One major uncertainty that exists with taking herbal supplements is the choice of “with meals” as opposed to “between meals”. The obvious answer might be “follow what it says on the label”. But, for the exact same herbal supplement, say Ginkgo extract or tongkat extract, some of the brands’ labels say “with meals” and others say “between meals”.* I get the impression that all herbs (as opposed to vitamins like vitamins C and E) really should be taken before meals for maximum effectiveness.
A. If you wish to feel an immediate and stronger effects from a supplement (for instance ginseng pill or any aphrodisiac herb), it is better to take it on an empty stomach. Other supplements that are taken for, let’s say antioxidant purposes, can be taken with meals.


What about natural herbal sex pills?
There are quite a number of herbal and nutritional sex pills that I consider to have aphrodisiac qualities. If you click the index at the bottom of this page, you will see a number of them mentioned. You could also read a comprehensive book called Natural Sex Boosterswhich devotes a chapter to each nutrient and herb.

Q.  Are natural sex pills, such as Passion Rx, appropriate for older people such as those over 70 years old?
A. The effectiveness of Passion Rx or other herbs and herbal formulas used for sexual enhancement is not necessarily dependent on age. However, as with prescription medications, there is a concern for side effects in older users. Most herbs used for improving sexuality have a tendency to increase heart rate and that may be a concern for those who have a weak heart. Some older individuals are able to still use sexual herbal formulas but in a smaller dosage, such as a third or half a capsule, and by being patient since the supplements take longer to work when used in lower dosages.

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Are there any nutrients and or herbs etc that lower SHBG Sex hormone binding globulin. Also, why would this be high in a healthy middle age male?
We have not seen specific studies in this area with herbs. But rather than focusing on influencing levels of one hormone in the body, we prefer to have a more complete approach that reviews all symptoms, signs, physical exam, other blood studies, etc rather than trying to manipulate levels of one hormone.