Tongkat Ali review, benefits for men, extract and root powder, bodybuilding, what is the dosage for bodybuilders
Does it work for penis enlargement, fitness or fertility?
November 25 2016

It works very well as an aphrodisiac but side effects are common on high dosages. Passion Rx with tongkat ali is an excellent formula that combines this herb with several other sexual enhancing herbs to provide wonderful results in men and women.

Tongkat Ali aged root powder, 200 mg per capsule
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Sex enhancing herb
Tongkat Ali is used as an aphrodisiac. It can enhance or restore sensitivity of the glans area of the penis or the clitoris.

Bodybuilding, exercise, sports – no benefit
Tongkat herb or extract is not of benefit in bodybuilding or sports performance enhancement since it elevates heart rate and increases body temperature. Perhaps it may be of benefit to those who are in cold water of frigid temperatures since it raises body temperature. Creatine is much more suited for bodybuilding, along with protein powders.

Tongkat Ali grows wild in the rain forests of the Southeast Asia, Indo-China. In Malaysia, Tongkat Ali is known for its energy, tonic, and sensual vitality properties. Tongkat Ali: Traditionally used to improve energy, reduce fatigue and enhance overall physical and sensual performance.

Sexual herbs and supplements that are effective in improving libido and performance
Herbs that have an influence on sexuality and can help with impotence issues include: Ashwagandha herb, avena sativa, butea superba, Catuaba herb, cnidium monnieri, coleus forskohlii, damiana, deer antler velvet extract, fish oils, Horny Goat Weed herb, maca herb, Mucuna Pruriens herb, Muira Puama, Rehmannia, Rhodiola herb, Tribulus Terrestris Extract and Yohimbe.

Some of the herbs that can be used together with tonkat in low dosages are ashwagandha, catuaba, Cnidium, Muira Puama herb, Tribulus, and Yohimbe. Arginine amino acid is not of much benefit.


What the Research Says
Aphrodisiac and sexual enhancement, libido increase, erectile dysfunction and impotence natural treatment
Over the past few years, there have been quite a number of studies that have shown tongkat ali  to have libido-boosting and sexual enhancement properties. The effects were studied on the libido of male rats after dosing them with up to 800 mg per kilogram of body weight twice daily for 10 days (this is quite a high dose if the same dose is given to humans– do the math: 800 mg tongkat ali powder times 70 k). Results showed that tongkat ali produced a dose-dependent increase in mounting frequency, that is, the number of times the male rats tried to mount the female rats increased as the dose given to the rats increased. In addition, the rats given tongkat ali displayed more frequent and vigorous licking and anogenital sniffing towards the receptive females. Furthermore, the rats dosed with it spent more time grooming their genitals compared to the rats who were not given the plant. Genital grooming may be interpreted as self-pleasuring since the rats were most likely enjoying the sensation of touching themselves. The researchers noticed another interesting finding: while the rats who had not received tongkat ali showed normal behavior within the cage such as exploration and climbing the cage wall, the rats given tongkat ali stayed around the females instead of exploring the cage.
Tongkat ali is a potent aphrodisiac. In order to get a quick sexual enhancement, a high dose is needed. But this high dose, even if taken in the morning, can cause insomnia that evening. A high dose can also cause restlessness and increased body temperature. We prefer to enhance sexuality the slow way, by taking a lower amount and being patient for a period of several days. Tongkat ali is found in Passion Rx with an amount of tongkat ali that minimizes the side effects of overstimulation and insomnia.

Research in animals
Eurycoma longifolia Jack enhances sexual motivation in middle-aged male mice.
Ang HH. University Science Malaysia, Minden, Penang, Malaysia. J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol. 2003.
Tongkat Ali  was investigated for sexual motivation activity in adult, middle-aged male mice and in retired breeders, using the modified open field and the modified runway choice methods. Each mouse received 500 mg/kg of one of 4 fractions of E. longifolia Jack, viz. chloroform, methanol, butanol, and water, whereas the mice in the control and yohimbine groups received 3 ml/kg of normal saline and 30 mg/kg of yohimbine daily respectively for 10 d. The results show a transient increase in the percentage of male mice responding to the right choice after chronic consumption of the fractions with 50 percent of the adult middle-aged male mice treated with E. longifolia Jack and yohimbine scoring the right choice after 8 and 5 days post-treatment respectively. In conclusion, this study has shown that Tongkat Ali continues to enhance sexual motivation in adult, middle-aged male mice and in retired breeders.

Drug testing
I recently purchased Tongkat Ali for the purpose of trying to induce greater testosterone production and/or it’s related/purported benefits. However, I am in a drug monitoring program that monitors for a variety of abused substances. I would like to know if your product will appear in urinalysis as similar or related to any of the array of normally abused substances.
We have no reason to believe that the use of this natural aphrodisiac would cause any problems or false positive results in drug testing.

Mechanism of action, how it works
Very little is known regarding the mechanisms of action of tongkat ali. Recent studies indicate that the root contains several compounds including beta-carboline alkaloids and quassinoid-type glycosides, including eurycomaoside. How these compounds and many others in tongkat ali influence hormoneal reliase or the human sexual response is not clearly understood at this time. We have read promotional material by some vitamin companies regarding tongkat ali that it enhances testosterone production or release, however weI have not been able to definitively confirm this claim through a Medline search.

Fatigue, energy boost
Q. I have chronic fatigue symdrome. Is tongkat ali helpful?
A. It depends what’s causing the chronic fatigue. Tongkat ali does increase energy levels, but it can also cause insomnia in high doses so you have to balance the energy and the insomnia.

Hair growth, influence on hairline
Q. I was thinking of taking tongkat ali because of decreased libido from taking Propecia for a long time. Since you do research on herbs, I was curious to know if there are herbs or anything natural other than Propecia and Minoxidil to stop hair loss and regrow hair.
A. Please see hair web page.

There is no evidence that it affects hair loss or hair growth.

Q. Do you know to what degree there will be in an increase in free testosterone in a person’s body. Does increased free testosterone makes one lose hair. I am on Propecia now and have low libido from taking Propecia.
A. There is very little research in humans regarding the influence of tongkat ali on testosterone levels in the long term. We have not come across any studies regarding its influence on hair growth. Tongkat ali or Passion Rx can reverse the low libido due to Propecia use.

Penis enlargement
TA is a potent aphrodisiac and can help make the penis engorge to its full capacity but we are not aware of supplements that actually make the penis bigger that it would normally under ideal circumstances.

Women, does it work in a woman?
Q. I have been doing a lot of reading and research on Tongkat Ali, in terms of increasing libido. I am understanding that it has to do with testosterone levels. But, how does this specifically affect women (I am a female)? I have read that women can take it and experience benefits, but is there any more information you can tell me? Does tongkat ali make a woman grow facial hair, or any of those scary side effects of steroids. I understand this is not a steroid, I’m just making a comparison with the testosterone) we hear about. Also, what is the difference between Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah? I have read that the kacip fatimah is the female version of tongkat ali? Does one work more effectively on women than the other? Does tongkat ali have negative side physical side effects on women? I understand it has to do with dosage? Right now, I am leaning toward Tongkat Ali to increase my low libido and help my sexual appetite, and it also seems that is the main function of the herb, whereas kacip fatimah has a lot to do with menstrual and post-partum problems.
A. Tongkat ali and kacip fatimah (Labisia pumila) are different plants with different chemical compositions. Very little human research has been done with kacip fatimah. Women also notice sexual enhancement benefits from the use of tongkat ali. Tongkat ali does not make a woman grow facial hair. The exact mechanisms by which tongkat ali works to enhance sexuality are not fully known, but it likely has to do with much more than influencing testosterone levels. This herb is potent and is not taken on a daily basis.

Availability online and over the counter
Tongkat Ali is sold as a powder, and in capsules, sometimes mixed with other herbs. There are a number of extracts available in various potencies, and since each company has a different way of extracting, and since there are no established standards, it is difficult to give dosage recommendations that would be consistently effective. In addition to tongkat ali being available as a raw powder, it is sold as a 4:1, 5:1, 20:1 and a 100:1 concentration. At the higher concentrations it becomes difficult to dose appropriately since the margin of error in terms of effectiveness versus side effects becomes more challenging. Tongkat ali is alos known as longjack. It is also sold in coffee form and in vaious liquids.

Tongkat Ali Side Effects
One of the shortcomings of Tongkat Ali  is that it can easily cause insomnia, and lack of sleep can lower sex drive. Therefore it is somewhat difficult to find the right dose that works without causing this insomnia, and that’s where an experienced herbalist who has wide knowledge with this plant is crucial in terms of formulating the right product with the right amount and extract potency of tongkat ali. High doses can also cause increased body temperature. Some people find that when they take a high dose, they become restless and impatient, perhaps easily angered. Long term effects of tongkat ali on human consumption are not known. It is best, until we learn more, to not take tongkat ali continuously without breaks.

We have read articles in health magazines or on the internet that this herb has wonderful benefits with absolutely no side effects. This has not been my personal or professional experience. Even though it is potent as an herbal aphrodisiac, it does have shortcomings. One of the side effects of high dose tongkat ali herb use is insomnia. Lack of adequate sleep, when repeated over many days, can lower sex drive. So it’s better to take smaller amounts over several days than a very high amount in one day.
I have personally tested various extracts of tongkat ali in different doses and realized that it has additional side effects not often mentioned in articles or in research papers. High doses can cause increased body temperature. Some people find that when they take a high dose, they become restless and impatient, perhaps easily angered. There could also be heart related side effects. High doses of tongkat ali can increase heart rate which is not acceptable to those who have heart disease.

Q. I get severe insomnia when I take Tongkat ali. Is this common?
A. Insomnia is one of the major side effects of Tongkat ali and is one of the limiting factors in its use in high doses.

Q. When I take passion Rx, Prostate Power or tonkgat ali, my frequency of urination decreases. I only take one capsule a day and never more than one product on a day. Is this normal?
A. It is difficult to say whether these supplements are related to your symptoms. One suggestion would be to take a full week off and then resume only one supplement at a time for a week or two to determine which one, whether tongkat ali, prostate power rx, or passion rx may be involved.

Road rage is a side effect, I use a strong extra strength for 10 weeks straight with a 3 week break to get my testosterone levels up high, you feel a million bucks and get some serious muscle gains when working out but you do get angry at lame drivers, you are so impatient when people drive slow on the road or freeway.

By far this is one of the most sex enhancing producing herbs, lately myself and my friends have been taking it in a coffee.

Interactions with other herbs and nutraceuticals
Q. Can tongkat ali be combined with other herbs such as yohimbe or hormy goat weed?
A. Thus far we have combined it with several herbs and have found that when high doses of  are taken with other herbs that have stimulating properties, such as hormy goat weed, ginseng or other adaptogens, there is the potential for restlessness, irritability, and insomnia.

Cycling use with occasional breaks
Q. I am a 53 year old male who has had testosterone deficiency on occasion from the results of blood tests for physicals I’ve had the past few years. I did supplement with 25 mg of DHEA for about a year, and that seemed to help with the levels. However, I’ve backed off the DHEA because of the known risks. I’ve recently been experimenting with Tongkat Ali, LJ100, and Longjax. I plan to cycle the products 3 days on 2 off, or some similar pattern. Do you think my cycling of these products is appropriate? Do you think that the Longjax 20:1 done over time and cycled will consistently keep my testosterone levels healthy? Are there any dangers I should be aware of that aren’t posted on your website? Will I feel “low” on days when I don’t take the Longjax, LJ100 or Tongat Ali? In other words, on those days when I cycle off, will I feel a loss of energy, or will the accumulated effect of the herb carry me through?
A. Not enough long term research has been done with tongkat ali or the extract LJ100 or Longjax to know the full range of risks and dangers. These herbs are not meant to be used all the time, but only to enhance sexuality and used as little as possible.

Q. I am a 25 y/o male who has never taken steroids or prohormones in his life. I recently decided to experiment with Tongkat Ali extract to give me an extra boost at the gym and elevate my testosterone levels. I took it a long with Di-Indolyl-Methane (DIM) I’ve read in different studies that it was OK to take on a daily basis, but after coming to your website I noticed you say only take a few days out of the week. To make a long story short using this tongkat ali product actually lowered my libido and my testosterone level. I have since then stopped taking the product and am waiting for my testosterone levels to go back to normal. I was only supplementing for 3 weeks. I’ve read that levels should go back to normal after the dosing stops? Do you have any research or feedback on this?
A. After a week or two hormone levels should return to normal. Many sexual herbs work better when not used every day. In addition to altering hormone levels, these herbs, including tongkat ali, could disturb sleep patterns which can reduce sexual drive. In the meantime it is best not to take any supplements, reduce caffeine and alcohol intake, and take walks during the day and get a deep sleep at night. Deep sleep is restorative to hormone levels.

Q. I have been using the Passion rx without yohimbe, and i just purchased some tongkat ali. i know u recommend two days off and two days off for Passion rx and tongkat ali / lj 100. U also recommend not taking them at the same time. anyways i took passion rx too many consecutive days in a row along with lj 100. My libido went from being great to being shot. I was researching about tongkat ali and Dr. Ray Sahelian wrote, “There is a tolerance that builds up to some herbs, and tongkat ali is one of them. Perhaps tongkat stimulates hormone release which depletes after a while and you may need to take a break from use to replenish the hormones, or maybe there are other factors involved that we don’t know about.” Let’s say that it does stimulate hormone release which depletes after awhile. I am taking a break, but i was wondering if there was anything else i could do to replenish my hormones. Would weight lifting and exercising help, or deplete it more? would certain foods like soy or eggs or anything help?
A. it is best not to not take any supplements that have a stimulating nature or that disturb sleep or increase body temperature. Take walks during the day and get a deep sleep at night. Deep sleep is restorative to hormone levels. Eating more fish or taking fish oil capsules may be helpful. Weight lifting is okay in moderation but not excessively.

Q.  I own a factory for coffee mix and want to produce a new product with Tongkat ( Male ) or Kacip Fatima ( Female ). I’ll put also Horny Goat Weed , While Main Ingredients is ( Instant Coffee 49%, Non-Dairy Creamer 32% ) and the rest 20% is for the Herbs; The Question now : Is this good percentages for more than aphrodisiac drink? Is there any conflict or harm when Tongkat is mixed with components above and i mean specially caffeine in the coffee? Which type of Tongkat Ali should i mix with the drink ( In Powder State ) and i mean powder, powdered capsules, roots powder, or Extract Powder, and 1:50 or 1:100, 1:150, 1:200, please explain? Is it necessary to add Tribulus Terrestis, or Tongkat is powerful enough?
A. These are types of questions that are of commercial nature and you may wish to contact Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., an expert, for a consultation.

Products on the market, online, in vitamin stores
Q. Another company is selling sd200, both products are more expensive than LJ100 as they claimed that thy are producing a pure product in the markeet. They also recommended a dosage sd200 of 600 mg a day. Their recommended dosage is way more then your recommended dosage (25mg). Please guide me and tell me whats a difference b/w your product and sd200. Does your products made by Indonasia or Malaysia.
There is a lot of misinformation on the market, we suggest not relying on information by websites that do not list a real physical address or are located overseas, you just can’t trust them. SD200 product must be very weak if 600 mg is needed to have an effect.

I just recently purchased a bottle of tongkat ali on club natural. I heard the Malyasian tongkat ali has a high content of lead. it sais that club naturals is from Malaysia rather than Indonesia. Is there any truth to this?
There is no evidence that lead is present in higher amounts in tongkat ali from Malaysia versus Indonesia. Before the tongkat ali products are released to the public, lead levels are measured by the manufacturers.

Q. I have looked at an Indonesian site tongkatali org and they suggest that the potency of cheaper American versions of tongkat ali are insufficient.
A. The tongkat ali made by Physician Formulas is from the raw material imported from Asia, not from the USA since tongkat ali tree does not grow in the US. Physician Formulas has a 400 mg tongkat ali and most people think the dose is too high and they prefer taking half a capsule, so we don’t know what the people at are talking about.
Q. Thanks very much for your response. I may have misrepresented They said that the (imported from Malaysia) tongkat ali ued in the American versions may have lead and heavy metal contamination. Is this true?
A. The regulatory agencies require raw material suppliers to check for lead and heavy metals and the certificate of analysis that is done shows the raw material purchased by Physician Formulas does not have this contamination. Furthermore, the dosages used of tongkat ali are so small, and the herb need only be taken 2 or 3 days a week, that even if lead were present, the amount would be insignificant. Therefore this is an issue that is being raised by making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Q. I was researching tongkat ali products and was looking for a good source of Tongkat Ali and came across a comparison of Physician Formulas tongkat ali product at lj200x dot com/compare.html. He states there is no comparison with Physician Formulas tongkat ali product stating the following: Comparing LJ-200x to the Most Popular Alternatives. Example One: Tongkat Ali powder, 400 mg 30 Capsules Physician Formulas. In fact just one capsule of LJ-200x containing 185mg of 200:1 extract potency would equate to 37,000mg of root powder potency. That’s right! One capsule of LJ-200x contains more of the active ingredients found in Tongkat Ali than a whole bottle of the formula above. Of course you get what you pay for. But if you do a price comparison based on potency you will find that LJ-200x is the better value. The Tongkat Ali found in LJ-200x is 200 Times more potent than the same amount of root powder. Physician Formulas 400mg times 30 Capsules = 12,000mg root powder or 12 Grams of Root Powder. LJ-200x 185mg times 30 Capsules = 5,550mg 200:1 Extract 5,500mg 200:1 Extract = 1,110,000mg Powder or 1,110 Grams of Root Powder. Using simple math we can determine it would take 92.5 bottles of the root powder formula to match the potency of one bottle of LJ-200x. Buying 92.5 bottles of ” Physician Formulas ” would cost you $920! Or you can buy 1 Bottle of LJ-200x for only $37.45 including the Priority Mail shipping charges! *** PLUS you receive the benefits of an additional 315mg per capsule of 8 Additional Prosexual Herbal Extracts not found in any other Tongkat Ali Formula! Avoid any product using Tongkat Ali root powder in the formula. It is impossible to provide an effective dose of root powder in any single capsule formula. Unless you want to swallow dozens of capsules per day! If a product claims to contain Tongkat Ali but does not specify an extract ratio you can be fairly certain they are using root powder. Whether you are looking for the most potent Tongkat Ali formula, or the best value the choice is clear! LJ-200x is the Clear Winner. To learn more about LJ-200x CLICK HERE! Ready to put LJ-200x to work for you? Order now and you can be experiencing the power of LJ-200x for yourself in a matter of days!
A. There are several inaccuracies with the statements above and the person or people who wrote this are either purposely misinforming or do not have a good understanding of tongkat ali. They claim one capsule of LJ-200x contains more of the active ingredients found in Tongkat Ali than a whole bottle of the 30 capsule 400 mg tongkat ali powder. If that were the case, we suggest that whoever wrote this take a whole bottle of the 400 mg tongkat ali and see how they feel. If a person takes 12,000 mg of tongkat ali, they are likely to either end up in the emergency room. We find even 400 mg of tongkat ali powder to be quite a hefty dose that can cause side effects such as overstimulation and insomnia and increased body temperature. Anyone who makes this comparison apparently does not fully understand the tongkat ali herb and how the extracts are made. LJ200x is certainly not 200 times as potent as tongkat ali powder, it is just a marketing gimmick and many of the active compounds could be lost while preparing a concentrated extract. We question the reliability of the information by whoever makes such statements. Often, tongkat ali works better in low doses than it does in high doses since tongkat ali side effects are common and quite unpleasant. Therefore, if you do buy LJ200x, begin with a portion of a capsule. Better yet, just try LJ100, there is much more research done with LJ100 than a lesser known and untested extract LJ200x.

I recently purchased SD-200 which is made of tongkat ali, can this product be taken the same day as Passion Rx?
We do not suggest using them the same day, preferably it may be a good idea to try each one separately for a week or two.

Q. How fast acting is the tongkat ali herb after consumption? Can a consumption of 2 ~ 3 tongkat ali capsule 15 minutes or 30 minutes before a sexual encounter do any good? Which is better – consuming pure tongkat ali powder capsule with or LJ100 Tongkat Ali or a mixed product with other herbs?
A. Tongkat ali can work within a few hours if a high dose is taken but then the side effects are quite unpleasant. I ti preferable to take tongkat ali in a lower dose and expect the benefits the second or third day. We prefer a combination product that has tongkat ali with several other herbs in order to take advantage of tongkat ali benefits while minimizing its side effects, and also getting the benefits from other herbs. Passion Rx is a great combination of tongkat ali with other herbs.

Q. I understand that tongat ali actually works with the male body to cause the body to produce more testosterone naturally. Is this true? Taken as you suggest on your web page, will it have this effect on older men in good health? It seems that natural production from your own body would be superior to the testosterone injections or gel being offered to be by my Doctor.
A. Not enough human studies have been done to determine exactly how tongkat ali works in the body to improve sexuality. It could be through testosterone production or release, or it could be through other mechanisms. Tongkat ali is very potent and older people would do best at first only taking a third or half a capsule. Tongkt ali has side effects of increased body temperature and heart rate.

Q. I have been using Physician Formulas Tongkat Ali. It does help improve my desire. I wish it helped increase size too, but I guess nothing does that. However, I wanted to let you know that since I have been taking this tongkat ali pill, I have hair growth return in the areas on my head that were bare. I was very surprised. At first I thought it was the “Emu Oil” pills that I have been taking for joint pain, but when I stopped taking Physician Formulas Tongkat Ali product, the hair growth stopped. When I started taking it again, the bare areas continued to fill in. Evidence of that means that it is Physician Formulas Tongkat Ali that is causing it. The oil maybe helping, but it is not the cause.
A. This is the first we have heard of tongkat ali influencing hair growth, we are skeptical at this time until more people email us independently that this happened to them too.

Q. I’ve seen product ads for Tongkat Ali that claim it does not aromatize into estrogen. Is that true? I understand that there is no solid evidence that Tongkat increases testosterone, but if it does, wouldn’t it have the potential to convert to estrogen? Should aromatase inhibitors be taken along with Tongkat? Thank you for reading my question and thanks again for the great site. I recently placed an order for Tongkat (400mg and the LJ100) for issues I’ve been having relating to hypogonadism. If I have any success I’ll let you know.
A. Not enough human research is available to know for sure how tongkat ali influences various hormone levels including testosterone and estrogen. For the time being, it is best not to mix other medicines when taking tongkat ali, and using the herb every other day may work better once it starts being effective.

Q. I am 33 now. Taking Propecia for hair loss and topical Minoxidil. I have side effects from Propecia. Can taking tongkat ali eliminate the side effects from Propecia which is low libido. Does taking Tongkat ali increase testosterone in the body. Does this mean that it would increase hair loss as well. What dose of tongkat ali should i start on and what should be the regimen?
A. Propecia use does lead to side effects including low libido. Tongkat ali does improve libido. Not enough human studies are available to determine the influence of tongkat ali on testosterone and whether or not it has an effect on hair loss or growth. We cannot give specific advice as to which dosage of any supplements a person should use. We can only provide general research information. Another option is Passion Rx which many people report enhances libido in those who have taken or taking Propecia. Some people who are sensitive to supplements use a low dosage of half a capsule for the first 2 or 3 days to see how they respond. Others prefer to take a capsule 2 days on, one or more days off. Still others like to take Passion Rx every other day.

Q. I have taken herbs off and on such as tribulus, yohimbine, tonkat ali, avena sativa, hoarny goat weed, and some others. These herbs used to work well for me but recently my libido is shot. Tonkat ali I’ve found probably worked the best for my libido but i also found when not on it my libido was bad. getting tonkat ali is a problem for me because i can not order it online but rather have to find it in stores. Hoarny goat weed sometimes works well, but it doesn’t seem to have the effect I’m looking for.
A. Sex herbs work well to enhance libido, but when used too often they lose their effectiveness. It is a good idea to take at least a full week off each month. Eating fish, taking fish oil capsules, eating ginger herb and lots of healthy food with good exercise and plenty of deep sleep are quite helpful.

Q. I understand different extracts of tongkat ali 100: 1 is more powerful than 20:1. but what does it mean if a product has 25 mg of 100:1 compared to 200 mg of 20:1?
A. It is very difficult to compare these products since there are various companies that make tongkat ali in different potencies and one company’s 100:1 extract may be weaker or stronger than another company’s 100 to 1 extract. Also, a 100 to 1 extract may not necessarily be exactly 5 times more potent as a 20 to 1 extract since different extraction processes are used and the quality of the herbs can vary among raw material suppliers. With tongkat ali, it is best to try and learn how each product works on you at different dosages, always starting with low amounts since this herb is quite potent and does have side effects when high amounts are taken.

Q. I have read that tongkat ali extract needs to be combined with a strict diet of specific foods on off cycles and a different diet on the on cycles, or you do not get noticeable results. Can you give me any info on the role of diet and food and tongkat ali extract use?
A. Diet has no significant influence on the effectiveness or use of tongkat ali extract.

Q. i started taking tongkat ali 50:1 extract about 2 weeks ago, from 800 mg to 1.6 g a day as thats what it said to do on the bottle. At first i noticed insane amounts of hunger, increased body tone, testicular size increase and better sexual function except when i woke up in the morning my testicles would seem smaller until i took more tongkat ali. Then after about a week I noticed that my testicles were not getting bigger but seemed to get smaller after taking tongkat ali extract. after 2 weeks they are about the size of grapes and i can not achieve an erection. I don’t think that tongkat ali is crap by any means, I just think that at my age(22), i should have been taking much smaller doses. probably 200 mg to 400mg with breaks every couple days. i honestly feel like someone who has just taken steroids and their body has shut down their own testosterone production thus shrinking the testicles.
A. Excess tongkat ali has side effects. We always recommend using low dosages of this potent herbal aphrodisiac.

I am researching Tongkat Ali and have seen that some websites claim it is important to get a supplement made from older roots (10 years old). They also claim the only place one should buy this supplement from is from Singapore. I am curious as to where your supplement is manufactured, and if it is truly important to use older roots instead of newer ones?
Yes, older roots are better, Singapore is the not the only place to buy this product.

I would like to know if it would safe taking the recommended dosage of Tongkat Ali with my current use of the Banaba Leaf Extract that I take as a supplement with my prescribed diabetic medication (glipizide Glucotrol, and metformin).
We are not in a position to offer such advice since a doctor needs to know a person’s full history and medical exam and all the dosages in order to give such recommendations. As a general rule, when supplementing with a new medication or dietary supplement, it is a good idea to begin with low dosages.

im 21 years old im going to be starting on a cycle of your 200mg tongkat ali next week and im on a supplement already for My acne its called acnepril. I was wondering if its safe to take these 2 supplements together and will i have bad side effects? these are the ingredients for acnepril: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules 2-3 times daily 30 minutes before meals with 12 ounces of water. Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 2 Capsules Servings Per Container: 60 Amount Per Serving. Vitamin A 250 IU 5% Vitamin C 30mg 50% Biotin 500mcg 167% Pantothenic Acid (as D-Calcium Pantothenate) 250mg 2500% Antioxidant Proprietary Blend 175mg Green Tea Alpha Lipoic Acid DMAE Apple Cider Vinegar 225mg * Licorice Root 212.5mg *Garlic 187.5mg *MSM 137.5mg *Dandilion Root 112.5mg *Witch Hazel Leaf 112.5mg *Glucosamine 87.5mg *Milk Thistle Seed 75mg *White Willow Bark 75mg *Mangosteen Juice 62.5mg *Noni Fruit 37.5mg.
We can’t offer individual recommendations on what products or how much or in what combinations a person should take, but, as a general rule, since TA is potent, it is best to take it by itself without mixing with other supplements. Normally TA is only taken 2 or 3 days a week for long term use.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves as an Indonesian herbal extract manufacturer and contract manufacturer of herbal formulation products, specializing in Indonesian medicinal plants for various industries. GMP certified for production processes of herbal extracts and herbal formulation products. We see that you are interested in Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma Longifolia, it’s a native Indonesian plant and can be found in Kalimantan. We manufacture the extract and can sell it to you cheap, since you get it directly from us. Eurycoma Longifolia Dry Extract 5% we can give you USD$ 26/kg (FOB Jakarta) In the case that you wanted higher %, we have 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%. I don’t think that you wanted any higher than that, but, if you want it, we can make it. And about the tongkat Ali herbal formulation that I mentioned before, it’s called VITOREX and the composition is as following: Tribulus Terrrestris Eurycoma Longifolia Pimpinella Pruatjan Curcuma Domestica
Panax Ginseng. We can play around with the formulation by adding or decreasing the composition, that’s no problem. Please contact us if you’re interested. Best Regards, Greg Kalona, Marketing Manager, phytochemindo dot com.

SourceOne Global Partners has rebranded its proprietary blend of herbal Tongkat Ali for increased mainstream uses beyond the sexual enhancement and bodybuilding supplement markets. The newly dubbed AliveEL 100 is tackling the issue of its typecasting with a name makeover that aims to attract a much larger market—directed towards athletes and the general population seeking wellness through natural products. By focusing on energy, stamina, weight loss, heart health and overall well being, SourceOne is utilizing the many unique properties of AliveEL100, both on its own and in conjunction with other proprietary SourceOne ingredients, to produce powerful synergistic solutions for several condition specific applications in these areas. “SourceOne has rebranded this ingredient for the largest target audience—baby boomers,” said Jesse Lopez, founder and CEO. “Baby boomers want to look good, be more active, feel alive and enjoy a heightened sense of overall vibrant health and well-being, due to better energy. Although Eurycoma longifolia does support healthy testosterone levels, which decline with age, we have found this botanical extract has so much more to offer AlivEl 100—powering baby boomers’ active lives.” AlivEL100 is made from a proprietary natural water extraction process that produces Eurycomanone greater than 1%,— and has launched a triple-strength and more biologically active formulation called AlivEL 3X100, standardized to Eurycomanone greater than 3%.

Refund return
There is no guarantee that all supplements will work for everyone. Medications do not work for everyone. For instance, Viagra works in 7 out of 10 users yet Pfizer does not accept refunds nor does a doctor return his fee if the prescription he gave did not work. We clearly mention our refund policy on our website. However, we are agreeable to sending you one of the following bottles for free if you would like and your doctor approves Passion Rx with yohimbe, Mucuna pruriens, tongkat ali extract lj100, tribulus terristris, or horny goat weed.