Yohimbe extract dosage and proper way to take this herb to reduce side effects  – bark extract information
November 22 2016

Dosage, Extract
Yohimbe is the name of the bark of a tall evergreen tree in western Africa known as Pausinystalia yohimbe or Corynanthe yohimbe tree.

Yohimbe has been used for centuries in some western African nations for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine is a drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Almost all clinical studies have been conducted with yohimbine rather than Yohimbe Bark. For more than 80 years yohimbine has been used as a treatment for male and female sexual difficulties. Yohimbe extract is often thought of as a therapy for erectile dysfunction in men. Most people don’t realize that yohimbe extract is also effective in women. Women like the enhanced sensation and engorgement of genital organs that yohimbe provides.

Ingredients, what is in it?
Yohimbe extract has been reported to contain up to 6% total alkaloids, 10-15% of which is yohimbine.

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Supplement Facts:
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Directions, dosage, how much to take of the supplement
Take half a yohimbe pill an hour or two before activity. If you are sensitive to herbs, take less than half. Yohimbe is not recommended for anyone with heart problems or who has heart irregularities. Note: some people with clinical impotence or erectile dysfunction may have underlying heart disease. Be cautious using herbs or drugs for sexual enhancement until a thorough medical evaluation has been done. Another option is Passion Rx with a smaller amount of Yohimbe which works very well with fewer side effects.

Warning: If you are under medical supervision for any condition, consult your healthcare professional before using yohimbe or any yohimbe extract.

Bodybuilding, exercise, work out, physical activity
Q. Is it okay to workout after taking a yohimbe product?
A. Yohimbe increases body temperature, so we don’t think it’s a good idea to take it and engage in heavy physical activity, particularly in warm weather. Avoid it if you plan to be exposed to very hot temperatures. Drink cold water if you take a yohimbe product. We don not think this herb is beneficial for physical endurance or exercise.

High blood pressure, hypertension
Q. Can I take yohimbe extract if I have high blood pressure?
A. If you have moderate to severe hypertension, then you should avoid yohimbe. However, if you have mild hypertension, then small amounts, that is, less than 150 mg, should be fine, especially with the consent of your doctor. The blood pressure effects of yohimbe extract don’t last all day, only a few hours.

Beta blocker medication, propranolol, Inderal, Metoprolol
Q. I’m on beta blockers, can I take yohimbe bark extract? What about Tribulus Terrestris Extract?
A. Beta blockers are known to lower sex drive and cause erectile dysfunction. Small amounts of yohimbe taken infrequently should not cause any problems, but of course this has to be done under medical supervision. Tribulus herb is another option that works well for sexual pleasure improvement.

Q. I tried Yohimbe bark extract for daytime sleepiness. It worked, but not as well as I would like. However 5 hours later my blood pressure was 174/100. End of experiment. Pure Yohimbine HCl does not do anything for daytime sleepiness; however yohimbe bark does work. Something in yohimbe bark besides yohimbine is having the desired effect. In the literature I note that some people get good results for narcolepsy with 4 to 6 mg of yohimbine. But not all narcolepsy is the same. When I was younger a neurologist put me on d-amphetamine. No matter how much of it I took, I could fall asleep on it. If the dose was high enough, all I got out of it was a headache. End of that route. Also with age the narcolepsy moderated so it was no longer a major concern.

Impotence treatment, erectile dysfunction, erection problem
Q. Is yohimbe extract the best erectile dysfunction herb?
A. Yohimbe is a very quick-acting erectile dysfunction herb, but due to its side effects, we don’t think it is the best.

Dosage, frequency
Is yohimbe product to be taken ONLY when contemplating sexual activity, or is it to be taken daily as a means to lessen the effects of impotence ed, and to improve the performance of the system? How long should one take yohimbe? If yohimbe pill is to be used to lessen the effects of impotence ed, how far ahead of when one plans sexual activity should one begin dosages of this product? Please note that yohimbe product was recommended by my physician, and I have discussed its possible side effects, and general usage with him thoroughly.
Most people take a yohimbe pill about 2 to 4 hours before sexual activity. The effective dosage varies among individuals and it is a good idea to begin with a low dosage in order to avoid side effects that can come from higher dosages. There are sexual enhancement products that contain yohimbe which work even better. One such product is Passion Rx with yohimbe which is taken in the morning on an empty stomach 2 days in a row and then every other day or every third day for maintenance. It may take trial and error to find out the best yohimbe dosage that provides the most benefits with the least side effects.

Timing and Frequency of Yohimbe extract use
Yohimbe bark extract may be used either daily or before planned activity. In our opinion, since yohimbe works quite quickly, it makes sense that it be taken as needed one to three hours before planned sexual activity rather than taken daily. The effects last several hours. Don not take yohimbe extract close to bedtime since it can have a stimulant and alertness causing effect for several hours.

Interactions with other natural products
I have 30 years old. I recently bought yohimbe for erectile dysfunction. What are the effects if I take with muira puama, if I drink alcohol and ginger tea. Currently I take one per day after how many hours can I take the second capsule, I noticed that after administration increase blood pulse.
Much of the effects depend on the dosage of the muira puama and the yohimbe and your overall health condition and how you respond to herbs and medications. It is a good idea to learn each separately before combining, and when combining using low dosages. Alcohol is not recommended with these herbs since it can raise body temperature. Ginger tea is a safe drink and does not interact much with other herbs or medications.

Q. Is it okay to take a low dose yohimbe supplement along with suma herb?
A. Yes, it should be fine as long as the dosages are low.

What the Research Says
Yohimbine has been evaluated in the management of erectile disorder by means of many placebo-controlled trials. It does appear to have a modest therapeutic benefit, particularly in psychological cases of erectile disorder. Here’s one summary of a study: In contract, yohimbe extract has not been studied much.
A 1977 German double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of yohimbine hydrochloride included 86 patients with erectile dysfunction and without clearly detectable organic or psychologic causes. Yohimbine was administered orally in a dosage of 30 mg a day (two 5 mg tablets three times daily) for eight weeks. Patients were seen for follow-up after four weeks’ treatment, and for a final visit after eight weeks. Efficacy evaluation was based on both subjective and objective criteria. Subjective criteria included improvement in sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, frequency of sexual contacts, and quality of erection (penile rigidity) during sexual contact/intercourse. Objective criteria of outcome were based on improvement in penile rigidity determined by use of polysomnography in the sleep laboratory. Overall Yohimbine was found significantly more effective than placebo in terms of response rate: 71 vs 45%. Yohimbine was well-tolerated: Only 7% of patients rated tolerability fair or poor, and most adverse experiences were mild. There was no serious adverse event.

Women and Yohimbe extract
A study conducted at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas examined the effects of arginine combined with yohimbine on sexual arousal in postmenopausal women with Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. Twenty-four women participated in three treatment sessions in which self-report and vaginal sexual responses to erotic stimuli were measured following treatment with either L-arginine (6 g) plus yohimbine (6 mg), yohimbine alone (6 mg), or placebo, using a randomized, double-blind, three-way cross-over design. Sexual responses were measured at approximately 60 minutes postdrug administration. The combined oral administration of L-arginine and yohimbine substantially increased vaginal pulse amplitude responses to the erotic film at 60 min postdrug administration compared with placebo. The vaginal response was measured with an instrument called a vaginal photoplethysmograph.

Yohimbe extract mechanism of Action
Yohimbine acts through the nervous system to increase blood flow to the genital region. Although many pharmacological properties of yohimbine have been described, at the plasma concentration attained at recommended dosages in humans the predominant activity is antagonism of alpha 2-adrenoceptors. Erectile dysfunction improvement can occur with certain natural herbs such as yohimbe extract.

Yohimbe extract side effects
Yohimbe should be used cautiously by anyone with a medical condition, particularly those with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, or those taking medicines, particularly tranquilizers, antidepressants, sedatives, antihistamines, amphetamines or other stimulants, including caffeine. Yohimbine induces noradrenaline secretion. Some of the side effects of yohimbe include anxiety, changes in blood pressure, heart rate increase or palpitations, dizziness, headache, visual disturbances, nausea or abdominal cramps, increased body temperature and sweating.
Since high doses of yohimbe may cause confusion and disorientation, it should not be taken while operating machinery, driving, or performing hazardous activities.

The first thing you may notice after an hour or two of taking a yohimbe extract capsule or tablet is sweating under the arms. On higher doses of yohimbe bark you will notice a higher body temperature, an even higher doses of yohimbe lead to slightly blurred vision, mild anxiety, and a sense of not feeling well. Very high doses of yohimbe lead to heart palpitations. Fortunately, most of these yohimbe side effects only last an hour or two.

I am 22, healthy, eat well, sleep well, exercise, etc., and I took a multivitamin called “Men’s Prime Multi” from Swanson Vitamins. I didn’t realize this, but Men’s Prime Multi had an herb called yohimbe (bark, 20 mg, a 4 to 1 extract). I started experiencing chest pressure, on the left side, mostly at night. It would last for 30 – 60 mins and although I was a bit worried, I didn’t think much of it. A couple of weeks after this, I went to my doctor for a check-up and found my blood pressure was elevated (140/100). I thought it strange since I eat healthy, don’t smoke, don’t drink, etc. The chest pressure was on and off, usually every couple of days. Around February 11, the chest pressure set sometime in the morning and lasted for hours — it wouldn’t go away. I became a bit scared, took some aspirin, and waited. It got worse and worse. In the evening, I suddenly had a dizzy spell, felt a huge rush of blood pressure, terrible palpitations, and called for an ambulance because I had never felt this kind of thing before. A doctor recommended I stop supplements. I did. The chest pressure went away within a few days but I felt extremely tired, anxious, and couldn’t sleep at all for much of that week. I realized pretty quickly that this was the yohimbe, since EVERY common (and uncommon) side effect, I had. After I stopped, my blood pressure was pretty much back to normal, no palpitations, etc. But, although I started feeling normal within a week, and then completely fine for 2 weeks after that, the chest pressure came back and 2 days after it came back (March 10), I had another dizzy attack, felt my blood pressure going up, etc. It was better than before, though. I couldn’t sleep, was very weak, etc., for the next few days, with on/off chest pressure. Again, not as bad, although my anxiety a few days after this second attack was the worst I’ve ever felt… constant feelings that I was going to die, etc. Since that time, I’ve still felt on/off lightheadedness, fatigue, occasional (though very mild) chest pressure, almost daily anxiety, and even short anxiety attacks. It is mid-April now, more than 2 months after I stopped yohimbe. The side effects are still here. I had multiple blood tests, urine tests, x-rays, sonographs, heart tests with multiple doctors… all is normal. And, again, although I do feel better and haven’t experienced anything as frightening as in February 11, I feel quite unlike myself. Not depressed or anything, but light-headed, tired, and anxious enough to have trouble sleeping or easily get upset. I was NEVER this way before and thought myself the calmest, most emotionally stable person I knew, so it’s not like the yohimbe exacerbated some already existing anxiety problem. I feel like I have no control over these emotions, which is the worst part. My question is, you wrote that yohimbe can have long-term side effects — what are they, usually, and how long term are they? Why do they last, especially since the drug stays in the system for a short time? Again, I took 20 mg of yohimbe bark once a day, 5-6 times a week, over a little less than 3 months. I know this is A LOT weaker than typical yohimbe dosage, but it was enough. A woman I know took the same multi for a few days, developed bad chest pressure (like me), stopped, and it went away. I have an identical twin who was taking the same multi Men’s Prime Multi” from Swanson Vitamins, but started a month later… I’m sure if I wouldn’t have told him to stop, the same would have happened.

I’d like to update you on my yohimbe experiences. In general, I feel normal, but sometimes get weird fatigue, anxiety, chest pressure, and, on rare occasions, side / kidney / back pain that can last for days. None of this is extreme, but the anxiety can be intense if I start thinking about the yohimbe. It’s hard not to, as side effects began Feb 11, I stopped taking the pills (5 mg yohimbine) Feb 12, and, at the end of May, I still don’t feel 100%.I did some online searches for long-term side effects, and found claims that pretty much permanent anxiety and physical symptoms developed. I know it’s strange that these symptoms can persist long after the herb is stopped, but this seems to be the case. One person claimed to take this for a few years almost 2 decades back and is still dealing with this. I never had any underlying issues, or anything, before starting the herb. No chest pressure, no kidney issues, and NEVER any anxiety — I even wondered what people meant by the phrase, since I always thought myself stable, happy, and completely normal. I’d like to know — what are the longest side-effects you’ve seen? What were they, and how long did they last?
The longest we have seen are a few weeks with mild anxiety. Perhaps trying anti anxiety herbs could be helpful.
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Yohimbe bark is sold widely in different dosages and extract potencies including 4%, 6%, 8%, and 10% alkaloids. It is difficult to give precise dosage recommendations for yohimbe extracts since sometimes manufacturers and formulas are not consistent in their content or extract potencies. In one study, of twenty commercial aphrodisiac preparations were analysed and the amount of yohimbine measured and expressed as the maximal dose per day suggested on product labels ranged from 1.32 to 23.16 mg.

Yohimbe extract Research
Endothelin-like action of Pausinystalia yohimbe aqueous extract on vascular and renal regional hemodynamics in Sprague Dawley rats.
Ajayi AA, Newaz M. Texas Southern University, Houston, USA Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol. 2003.
The bark of the African tree Yohimbe has been used as a food additive with aphrodisiac and penile erection enhancing properties. The effect of an aqueous extract of yohimbe on renal circulation was assessed in order to test the hypothesis that it possesses additional effects on nitric oxide production and/or endothelin-1 (ET-1)-like actions. In vivo studies with yohimbe in Sprague Dawley rats demonstrated a dose-dependent (1-1000 ng/kg) increase in mean blood pressure and an increase in medullary blood flow (MBF). Both the pressor action and renal medullary vasodilation were blocked by endothelinA (ETA) receptor antagonist BMS182874 and endothelinB (ETB) receptor antagonist BQ788 in combination. L-Nomega-nitro-l-arginine methyl ester also inhibited the increase in MBF induced by yohimbe. In vitro studies in isolated perfused kidney and in pressurized renal microvessels confirmed the dose-dependent vasoconstrictor action of this extract. These preliminary observations indicate that, in addition to the alpha-adrenergic antagonist actions that characterize yohimbine, yohimbe possesses endothelin-like actions and affects nitric oxide NO production in renal circulation. These findings suggest a strong possibility of post-receptor cross-talk between alpha2-adrenoceptors and endothelin, as well as a direct effect of alpha2-adrenoceptors on renal NO production.

Products and brands online and in vitamins stores
I have been using products like Super X and recently sampled Confidence Rx. Both were good but I see that Passion Rx with Yohimbe contains both tongkat ali and yohimbe extract which caught my attention. I am going to try it very soon. My question is how many mgs of tongkat ali is to that of Super X (400mg)?
We are not familiar with Confidence Rx or Super X products. Each herbal company uses a different source of tongkat ali which makes comparisons difficult since not all of the raw materials are the same quality or potency. The only way to know whether a person will respond to or like a particular product is to try it.